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April 2, 2011 / marvinhawkins

OH The Shame! Announcing the Pile of Shame Project

Admit it, we all have it. As gamers, we don’t always finish the games that we start. We call this collection of games the pile of shame. These fun, sometimes triple A experiences don’t get finished for a variety of reasons. Some games have difficult stretches, some are simply too large for the amount of time available to play them. Regardless, they all just sit there; silently judging us. Instead of simply getting bored with a game, and visiting Gamestop for a 60 dollar replacement, I am drawing a line in the sand. I intend to finish my pile of shame.

Announcing: The Pile of Shame Project. I will whittle down the pile of games that has been haunting me for years. But what does this have to do with Game Design? Instead of simply playing through each game, I will try to hone my critical eye. To that end, expect posts on what worked in these games, and what does not. The aim if I can develop this critical eye, I can evaluate my own game designs better. Here’s a sample of some of the games that you can expect to see me discuss on this blog:

  • Fallout 3
  • Grand Theft Auto 4
  • Blazing Angels
  • F.E.A.R
  • Command and Conquer Red Alert 3
  • Resistance: Fall of Man
  • Transformers: The War for CyberTron
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