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April 12, 2011 / marvinhawkins

Unity 3D Resources

As a relative newbie to the indie game dev scene, I am constantly in need of advice and help. I’ve always sworn that I would give back to whatever community that I am a part of. Well, unlike more veteran developers, I have no advice of my own. Instead, I can offer resources that I have personally found helpful.

I am currently using Unity 3D. It is a game engine that allows you to publish to a myriad of game development platforms. I have experimented with many game engines, but none of them have offered the freedom that Unity 3D has. Not only can you publish to iOS, Android, Windows, Consoles, and Mircowaves*, but with a bit of technical skill, you can realize your game vision. This is especially helpful for a guy with an art back ground such as myself. These resources are here to help would be designers make it happen. These resources represent those that have helped me the most. Please feel free to add you own in the comments.

Unity 3D Student

This is an excellent site that contains both video tutorials and challenges. While some sites give you the code, Will Goldstone gives you the reason why the code works. The site is deep with modules as well. You can find simple answers like moving objects, but the site also contains more specific answers. Once you’re ready to test your new skills, be sure to check out the challenge page. The best part about this site is that it’s free!

2D Space Shooter is just one of the many tutorials that Design3 has available.


Design 3 is a video tutorial site that contains a ton of unity videos. If you are brand new to Unity 3D (And have already checked out Unity’s comprehensive starting guide) Design 3’s site is another good starting point. In addition to advanced tutorial on the Unity 3D software, the site also offers full project tutorials. These are designed to get you going on something fast. I’m currently paying the subscription fee (19.99 monthly but they have other plans) but it’s well worth it. Also, if you’d like to learn more about other engines, there is content for that as well.


3D Buzz

I first discovered 3D Buzz when I was learning how to use UDK. I was blown away by how easily they demystified that giant program. The guys and girls have now done this with Unity 3D. The site is filled with Unity Fundamentals. If you want to make an MMO (Why?!!) or a 3D action game, 3D Buzz has you covered. Most of the tutorials are free, but 3D Buzz has a paid component as well.

There are way more resources than this. Unity’s main site has an extensive Wiki. A simple “How to… Unity Problem” Search in Google yields a ton of results. YouTube and Vimeo also have a ton of guides available. The Unity community is also a great resources. Got any resources that you’ve found helpful? Feel free to share it with me.


*You can’t actually publish games to a microwave yet, but I’m sure the good folks at Unity are working on it. 😉

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