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May 4, 2011 / marvinhawkins

Pile of Shame Update: Transformers War for Cybertron

I’m about half way through Transformers: War for Cybertron. The 2010 game was developed by High Moon Studios and is actually pretty good. Just like Batman Arkham Asylum before it, Transformers manages to break the trend of being a bad license game. So here’s what I like and what I would do better.

What I Like

The Atmosphere:

The game features the original character voices and is set on Cybertron. Since I am a child of the 80s, I was immediately transported back to Saturday mornings. The atmosphere definitely helped the immersion. The environment design is also well done. War for Cybertron is clearly taking its beats from Gears of War, but does a great job of creating open levels that are unique enough.

What I Would Improve

The Transforming Felt Arbitrary:

There was never a real moment in the game that I felt transformation was necessary. Sure, it was nostalgic hearing that old school sound effect. (You know the one, it’s playing in your head right now.) Despite this, transforming always felt tacked on. The level designs did feature elements where traversal in vehicle mode was encouraged. In combat however, I rarely felt an advantage in being transformed.

To fix this, I would add areas that provided the player with a tactical advantage. The player could only reach this area in vehicle mode. Further, I would provide some type of weapons buff with certain opponents. Some enemies were bullet sponges in the game. Why not make them “short work” against Megatron’s cannon mode?

These are just a few thoughts on the game for now. I’m very close to finishing it. Stay tuned to my expanded thoughts once I’m done. This game is a fun look back at childhood memories. If you were a fan of giant robots, you won’t be disappointed. (Unless you were expecting the ‘Dinobots’ like I was)


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