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May 15, 2011 / marvinhawkins

Sky Hawks Prototype Playable and Watchable!

I’m excited because today is a big day. Instead of just sharing my musings on other people’s games,  I can finally share video of my own game creation with you! While I did complete my goal of having a working prototype (read: game doesn’t crash and sort of resembles a fun activity) I wasn’t immediately happy with the output. I did not upload a gameplay video, which would have given people a feel for the game. I also didn’t do a good job of documenting what the prototype was, or how the game should behave. With that in mind, here’s the monster update post that I promised myself months ago.

Play the Game Now!:

Unity Player is required, which you can get here.


Sky Hawks is a top down, single player shooter. The game has more in common with casual 2D shoot em ups like 19xx, and less in common with Japanese “Bullet Hell” Shooters. In the game you play as a pilot, your job is to stop the forces of evil from changing history. In the game, you’ll fight in air battles from World War 1, and into the future. The game isn’t heavy on exposition. Cliff notes: Blow stuff UP! 


How to play

This is a demo video of a WIP Unity 3D project. The name of the game is SkyHawks, it is a top down, shooter. The graphics are 3d, but the action is purely old school 2d.
W –  Forward
S – Backward
A – Bank Left
D – Bank Right
Space Bar –  Shoots
Game Objective:
Shoot as many enemy planes to rack up points.
You have 3 lives, avoid the enemy (orange) enemy bullets
Destroy the Crab Boss at the end of the level to win the game
Other Notes:
What’s with the colored blocks can they hurt me?
No, this is a demo build, these spawn enemies when the player gets close enough. These won’t be visible in the final game.
What’s with the red lines?
These are splines that determine the path of enemy movement. These will also be invisible in the final game.


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