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November 9, 2011 / marvinhawkins

The Kinect Effect -games for everyone!

The Kinect Effect was real last year. I never really tried the casual peripheral, but I followed the debate. Core game enthusiasts argued that Kinect (and gamification, social games, the Wii, and Words With Friends) were killing games. Although I realized that the Kinect platform was not for me, I saw the potential. The game industry is continually compared to movies. If games were movies, I don’t think we’ve gotten much farther than a ‘Great Train Robbery’ moment. Movies are about different subjects and exist for different audience. When something new comes along it is panned as ‘not a real game’.

Really, we should be welcoming this change, and finding new applications for this tech. This brings me to the video in the post. I am only really interested in creating games for entertainment, but it is still cool to see game technology used in interesting ways. This video shows what’s possible with the Kinect in a non family mini game collection role. I hope that interesting uses come of this.



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