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August 30, 2012 / marvinhawkins

Indie Game Development Business Stuff

As I said in the last blog post, I’m a tad optimistic about the state of games. Despite recent events, I still think the tools are in place and the barrier is low. In the coming months, I will be using this blog to chronicle my own experiences. My mission: Finish a sale-able product and gather a team. I also want to create a sustainable tech/game business. The nice thing about the internet is there are a ton of resources related to starting a business or growing the community. My internet research is your bounty. I present a ton of links related to that very topic. I have found these articles, videos, and experiences very helpful. Have any favorites? Share them in the comments.

Video on setting up a company in a non traditional place (Philladelphia)

How To Grow A Dev Community In Non Traditional Places

Really nice article. Highly applicable hear in Chicago.

Advice on Kick Starter Funding

Making Games is not easy, and is often misunderstood

How NOT to start a game business

Harsh lessons from the project Zomboid team.

Tips on Starting a Game Business

Bonus points for being a Chicago Game Developer.


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