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December 20, 2012 / marvinhawkins

Crazy Year Plus Game Announcements!

Every year I like to come up with objectives (They’re resolutions, but resolutions have too much pressure attached to them.) Every year they are pretty much the same.

1) Finish a game

2) Sell said game

Goals/Resolutions/Pinterest Dreamboards are great to have, but as the year wore on, and I failed to meet those goals, I’d often get deperessed. Ironically, when 2012 started I didn’t actually write down any goals. Well, more specifically, I just kept going with the same goals as above. What was different this year? This year, I participated in a game jam, met a ton of cool developers through networking, hosted a game jam, tried to make a bunch of games, and actually released games for the public to play. I’m most proud of my two games, and loved working with talented developers. Here they are, please enjoy them, help spread the word. Oh and for social, LIKE ALL The THINGS

Bells of Steel:

iPad Screenshot 2

I should have posted about this sooner. This is a Christmas game, where elves sacrifice themselves to save Santa. This was due in part to the jam’s theme, losing to win. Bells of Steel was actually created during IGDA Chicago’s Chicago game jam. The experience was fun, and ironically despite years of working on more full games, this was my most complete title to date. I learned a ton, and am learning a lot post release of a game. The main lesson, it’s hard to get people to care about your game. Be ready to market it, and show people as early as possible. You can download the game on itunes:


Steam Golf:

steam golf

This is a Victorian era. mini golf simulator, also on iPad.  Its basically Angry Birds meets min golf. I did game design work, and designed a few levels for the game. Similar to the Game Jam, I learned quite a bit about working on a remote team. The Partly Crazy team was comprised of industry veterans. This project was also my first time dealing with source version control. (update early and often) This game just launched a few days ago, when the new year starts, I’ll learn more about game marketing. Should be fun. Speaking of which, give our page a ‘like’ will you? What was different about this year? I stopped over thinking stuff. It sounds cliche, and I started doing.  When a contest rolled around, or a network opportunity came up, I psyched myself out. I came up with a reason not to do it. Doing things like this blog, even led to the opportunity of meeting with developers to work on Steam Golf. So when push comes to shove, just sit down, and code. (or put your art into a game project that needs it) That’s the one thing I’ve learned this year.




Game Download:

This game is .99 cents for a limited time. Would love some help spreading the word.

What’s next for 2013? I’ll keep doing. I would like to return to, and finish several prototypes I’ve started. The jam taught me that if I over analyze projects, they tend not to get finished. Sometimes a game is fun, and I’m learning to avoid idea creep in the attempt of making it more fun. I’m also planning on joining the One Game a Month Challenge. There a ton of jams, contests, competitions, and hackathons. This shouldn’t be a problem. I’m still learning how to network, and how to talk about my projects. Hopefully, putting myself out there will lead to exciting things. 2012 was a good year, but bring it 2013! (Assuming the Mayans were wrong)









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  1. Breakdance McFunkypants / Dec 20 2012 5:03 am

    You can do it! We’re so happy that you are going to take part in the challenge. That feeling of reaching the finish line is so wonderful. They key to getting there is to focus on doing one thing and doing it well – keep it simple! Good luck and HAVE FUN!

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