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January 13, 2013 / marvinhawkins

New Sky Hawks Screens

I started on this game seemingly years ago. The idea of doing a ‘simple’ game in a few months was one of the reasons that I embarked on this project. I finished a ‘demo’ back in 2010 and haven’t really advanced since. In that time, I did several jams, and met new friends and developers. While I have enjoyed this time, Sky Hawks has always beren a nagging constant in my mind. Its not some ‘muse’ as much as its been a step to overcome. It is something I NEED to finish to get my career going. I think the idea is fun too. In any case, here are some new screens. In the weeks ahead, I hope to feature videos and finally the game. Sky Hawks is finally rounding into its own, I am excited to share it with you all.

screenshot saturday 1 screenshot saturday 2 screenshot saturday 3 screenshot saturday 6 screenshot-saturday-4 screenshot-saturday-5 screenshot-saturday-7 untextured-chopper


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