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May 28, 2013 / marvinhawkins

SkyHawks A/B Demo Testing

I’m hitting a wall with SkyHawks. I think that there is a good game in here, but I feel like I keep trying to improve it, in the wrong way. My current hypothesis was that the game needed new content. It also just feels more than a little broken. The frustrating thing is, a demo that I completed almost 3 years ago is more complete. I feel like I know what’s missing, but yet not how to fix it.

Since 2010, I have added new levels, new enemies, and powerups. All of them seem to be lacking some type of feedback. The boss enemy would benefit from animation, and the game seems a bit motionless overall.  The sounds sucks. I’m not whinning (okay maybe a little) but while I notice these things, I need to get this in the hands of players. Someone not myself. So today, I open the game up to feedback. I will keep putting builds up on this blog (and a few other places). Since i’m so close, I could use a fresh perspective on what’s troubling this game, and ideas on fixing it. If you have 5 minutes, I’d love you to play the demo, and give feedback.


SkyHawks was intended to be a learning excercise, that took 3 months at most. While Ihave pared the game down to its essence. I feel like this could be pushed further.

How to Play:

W –  Forward
S – Backward
A – Bank Left
D – Bank Right
Space Bar –  Shoots
B- Special Bomb
Game Objective:
Shoot as many enemy planes to rack up points.
You have 3 lives, avoid the enemy (orange) enemy bullets
Destroy the Crab Boss at the end of the level to win the game

Old Demo:

New Demo:


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