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July 19, 2013 / marvinhawkins

June update

What have I been up to this summer? Well i have been using the hash tag summer of Marv on Twitter. As of July 1st, I became a full time indie. It wasn’t exactly by choice, but I had been thinking this way for a while. I’m actually retuning back to school in the fall for my computer science masters degree. What does all this mean for Sky Hawks? I’m excited to report that I now have more time to work on the game. I’m still looking for work as the game is not yet at a place that will allow me to support myself. Still, I plan to make the most of the time that I have available.

I spent a lot of time tearing down the latest build of the game, and rebuilding it based on some of the awesome feedback that I have gotten. I must do a better job of soliciting feedback. One of the biggest complaints I got was that I didn’t have nearly enough visual feedback for the player. To remedy this, I added GUI pop ups that show how many points each enemy when they’re destroyed by the player. I’m going to do a similar thing with the power ups. I also added in a better Main menu. Thanks to Unity Cookie’s awesome tutorials, I finally have a pause, and in game menu. I’m thinking of adding in a level select system as well.

The other part of June was spent learning how to use Unity Playmaker. This is a visual scripting editor very similar to Game Maker. It has a very simple learning curve. after watching some tutorials on Hutton Games’ site, I was amazed with how fast I was able to get gameplay going. So far I’ve used it to extend the first boss fight. I have been able to make the game sequence so much cooler than I could with just JavaScript code. I’ll do a more in depth post on this boss section later.

Other stuff: I bought an Ouya. The system has had mixed reviews, but I really do thinkit has some cool ideas. If nothing else, it will satisfy my 10 year old self’s dreamer creating a console game. Speaking of which, I signed up for Playstation Mobile’s developer program. In short I’m doing a lot. Next up is a science game jam at the Field Museum. I’m pretty excited for that. Stay tuned, now back to work for now.


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