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August 7, 2013 / marvinhawkins

August Update

August is off to a bang! I spent time adding more visual effects to the Sky Hawks. I added more graphical 2D visual cues. When the player destroys an enemy, a score will pop out of the enemy (Think Borderlands). I took a deeper look at the Unity particle system. The bomb effect now looks as fearsome as it is destructive. The pictures do not do all of the new visuals justice. The bomb effect now causes the screen to shake. The first boss encounter is a giant mechanized crab. The new level takes place in the sea. I spent time rigging the boss in Maya, and doing a few simple animations. During the fight, the boss will use an attacking or hurt animation, depending on the scenario.

Let me know what you think in the comments

bomb effect 2

The crab boss is sporting a shiny new toon shader. I am still experimenting with the look of the game, but the Cel shading makes it a bit more interesting visually.  The player must take out the boss in segments before attacking the body core. Unity 3d’s Playmaker plugin has helped expand the functionality of this particular encounter. It is similar things like Game Maker. As an ‘Okay’ coder, it is important to find tools that help me speed up the process. It took a month to get over the learning curve, but I plan on using this to script more behaviors in the future. The boss now attacks in multiple phases.

boom bomb projectile

Next up, a new demo, and an update to the Kongregate release of the game.Let me know what you think in the comments.


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boss fight 1 boss fight 2 crab boss 3 crab boss 4 crab boss 5 crab boss 6 crab boss 7 crab boss 8 score pop ups


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  1. kaptngraves / Aug 11 2013 6:11 pm

    Welp Marvin a fun simple title but really enjoyed it ! Brings me Memories of my Nes/Arcade filled Childhood. I know the project is WIP or proof of concept but regardless i enjoyed it :

    I enjoyed:

    The Ai’s guerrilla style tactics
    The simplicity, straight up shoot em up style.
    The boss was cool as well.
    Controls are straightforward (IMO better used with the arrows versus the WASD)

    The things i`d like to see tweaked a bit
    or just small nit picks:

    The Boss just kinda Pops up randomly and insta kills me 😦
    (Personally, I`d like a simple shadow slowly show up indicating the Boss’s incoming spawn/drop)

    Purely a Art or presentation issue (I’m sure its on a to do list somewhere) but some buildings have missing (back) walls to them !

    The player re-spawn would be appreciated if it was in view.since the player moves left and right the majority of the time it caught me off guard for a split second when i died.

    Extra/Questions :

    The extra Tiny planes indicate that they’re flying below correct ? At first I thought “Man, I can’t kill these jerks!” I realized it must of been a design choice which was then appreciated. Nice touch 😉

    Can`t wait to see where you take this, levels, enemies, power ups or (Mobile/PC) platforms.
    Very cool Project you having going on here !

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