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Hero: The Journey Home

Hero was one of my first games. Using 3D Gamestudio, I started working on this game in high school. Hero is a first person shooter set during World War 2.  The game takes place on the Eastern Front of combat. The game scenario involved the player  I first started working on this project in high school. The main thing that I learned from this process is the danger of feature creep. Because of my inexperience, the project kept getting larger. At one point, I thought that I could create 5o levels with different types of gameplay. I learned that this is simply not reasonable as a solo developer. Scope management and time to task completion are now a key focus on all my game projects.

Gameplay Video

In this video, the player begins the game in an abandoned building, and must fight his way through the streets of Kiev.

Hero: A journey Home from MarvinH on Vimeo.

Game Design Documents

Over the course of the “Hero’s” development, I captured my design and process in several documents. They are available for download below.

Hero Game Design Document

Hero Art_pipeline

Church Level Top Down View


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