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Rocket Rita

Rocket Rita Instructions

Rocket Rita is a two play competitive game. The goal of the game is to defeat the other player by killing enough of his opponent’s units. Each player is tasked with killing their opponents resources, while protecting their own.


Dr Villian:

W = Forward

S = Back

A = Turn Left

D = Turn Right

Space = Shoot


Up Arrow: Forward

Down Arrow: Back

Left Arrow: Turn Left

Right Arrow = Turn Right

Ctrl = Shoot


Primary Game Objective

Each player has an army. Rita fights with an army of jet pack equipped Teddy Bears. Dr. Villain fights alongside of robots. The primary objective of each player is to take resources away from the other player. The players do this by shooting the other player’s army. Each kill gives the player a point, and takes a point from the other player. Killing 20 of the opposing player’s units causes that player’s shields to drop. This makes the player vulnerable to dying, and losing the match.

End Game Objective

Once one player has obtained 20 points, the objective changes to killing the other player directly. At this point, the vulnerable opponent can avoid a final death/defeat by killing the other player’s units, and lowering their point total.

If one player has obtained at least 20 points and has lowered his opponent’s health to 0, the game ends.


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