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Sky Hawks

Game Description: A top down shooter in the same vein as 19xx, Sky Hawks is a bit more casual than traditional bullet hell shooters.

What I did:

  • Created a player movement, scoring, shooting, and enemy shooting system
  • Created buildings and other props and placed them in level
  • Created a full game loop with win/loss condition

What I learned: 

  • How to Script in Unity 3D (Unityscript)
  • Learned how to add assets into Unity3d pipeline
  • How to execute a game development schedule from start to finish in Unity3D
Play the Game Now! 
Download For Windows:
Play In Web Browser:
W –  Forward
S – Backward
A – Bank Left
D – Bank Right
Space Bar –  Shoots
Game Objective:
Shoot as many enemy planes to rack up points.
You have 3 lives, avoid the enemy (orange) enemy bullets
Destroy the Crab Boss at the end of the level to win the game

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