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Sky Hawks

Sky Hawks is a top down arcade shooter prototype that I created in Unity 3D. Using the tutorial from Design3 as a base, I pushed the demo further by adding a menu, power ups, UI elements and more.  I created of the background/level art  the UI elements. and designed the level.  Major game play elements include Player Movement, Enemy Generation, Enemy Shooting, Power ups, and a Boss Fight. I learned a great deal about programming in Unityscript and Unity3D game development. More…

Bells of Steel

Bells of Steel was originally made as a game jam game, designed for iPad. Bells of Steel is an action/tower defense game where elves blow themselves up to defend Santa. This is the perfect way to spread Christmas cheer!

The game was made in 72 hours, using Gamesalad. We are currently planning to release “Bells” as a full version game via iOS. Look for it this holiday Season!


SteamGolf is a Victorian era, mini golf game. Shoot your way through over 30 levels of varying difficulties.  This game is now available on the iTunes App store!


Get it now.



Rocket Rita

Rocket Rita was the first game that I have taken from inception to full idea. I wanted to explore the idea of multi layered, indirect competition. Rocket Rita is a 3rd person, 3d shooter. I originally completed this game as a part of my “Programming for the Artist” class. I acted in the role of designer/coder. I also had to manage the assets of two other students. I coded all of the major elements of game play in Blitz Basic. Major elements of game play included: Player Movement System, Split Screen Multiplayer, Shooting, Enemy AI, Scoring System and UI. More….

Impulsion: Global Game Jam

Impulsion Screenshot

 Created for Global Game Jam 2013, Impulsion is a game set to the theme of ‘Heartbeat’. In the game, the player must jump, shoot, and solve puzzles to escape the coma.  More Info..


Bob The Blob

Description: A 3D puzzle Based prototype where the player is a blob made of water that must manipulate himself to get through the worldBob the Blob Text
Number of Students:  4

Major gameplay elments: Create a game that allows the player to use  ricochet shots, transform, and use psychics based objects to solve puzzles.

What I did: I researched the Torque game engine for use into this project. Through searching the forums I found out that  Torque has Physical zones. These Zones allow anything that travels through them to be controlled by whatever physical force exists in that zone. Put another way, it allowed me to change the gravity of the player. We used this to create fans, and other modes of movement for the player. I also found a fix to use ridged body physics. The use of these two led to some interesting puzzles. Our design called for the player to able to manipulate his form. I set up three forms: Normal, half size, and large. At the push of a button, the player was able to change his size. This allowed the player to fit through doors that he could not, or grab ledges that were impossible at another size. more…

This End Up

Description: A 3D adventure where the player must scale and rotate his environment to complete puzzles and defeat enemies. The game is a puzzle platformer. I scripted the rotation mechanic using C-Lite, a flavor of C. The original concept was created for a student project.

Number of Students: 10

This End Up Title Screen

Title Screen by Anthony Montano

Project Goals: Create a full game design implementing two different gameplay mechanics.

What I did: I used my extensive knowledge of the 3D Gamestudio game engine to code a player movement, Enemy AI, Sound, Shader Rendering, Animation,  and  UI. More…

Hero: The Journey Home

Hero: Journey HomeDescription: A 3D First Person Shooter where the player must use limited ammo and resources to survive. I wanted to create a game where the player had to think about how to tactically get through a level. In each level of the game, the player is outgunned and outmanned. I wanted the player to  feel like he had to carefully navigate a level and choose his battles carefully.

Number of Developers: 1 (Solo project)

What I did: I used the pre existing code base to create a mockup of the gameplay situation I was envisioning.  I also created new artwork to test the 3D Gamestudio Pipeline. More…

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