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Game play video

Key Game Play Design Choices

The Catwalks:

The Catwalks in the Atrium area was designed to give the player’s in the high ground an advantage. To give the players on the ground a fighting chance, I provided ample health, armor, and high powered weapons such as the rocket launcher. There are also several entrances to this room. Players who choose to snipe must be careful because another opponent can ambush them from 3 different locations.

The Main room/ Killing floor:

The second room is the large room to the left. This room contains a Turret at the top of it. Players on the ground here are at a real disadvantage. This room is full of weapons on the ground below the turret. The Turret gunner is also really exposed. Like the sniping point in on the catwalks, the turret gunner is literally a sitting duck and can be taken out from 3 directions.


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